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Universal Opener «3В1»

For opening of glass jars closed with covers of 3 types:

– one-use tin covers

– capron thermo covers

– TWIST-OFF covers


  • Allows easy and convenient opening of 3 types of covers
  • Made of zinc coated metal, which greatly increases the life of the product
  • Make it possible to save money by buying one multi-function opener, instead of few ones.

Our contacts

  • Manufacturer is address: 18029 Україна, Черкаси, вул. Оборонна, 1418029, Ukraine, Cherkasy, Oboronna str., 1418029 Украина, Черкассы, ул. Оборонная, 14
  • Address for correspondence: 18009, Україна, Черкаси, Абонентська скринька 145618009, Ukraine, Cherkasy, PO Box 145618009, Украина, Черкассы, Абонентский ящик 1456

Sales department of seamers in Ukraine: +38 (095) 723-23-82

Export department of seamers and consumer goods: +38 (097) 446-23-73; +38 (073) 050-52-01

e-mail: zakazmv1@gmail.com

Sales department of industrial environment (technical department): +38 (063) 662-17-84; +38 (068) 196-52-29

Procurement department: +38 (0472) 50-52-04

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